FMK Construction is a premier striping and signage company.  We specialize in asphalt/concrete repair, seal coat, crack seal, patching, and striping.  We also resurface outdoor tennis/basketball courts and indoor/outdoor striping.

Seal Coat/Crack Repair

To get the most out of your parking lot, it needs to be maintained.  This process of crack fill and seal coat should be approximately every 3-5 years (depending on traffic, weather, heat etc.)  Not only will your parking lot be protected, it will look well maintained to your customers giving them a sense of  value in your product.  Newly coated and striped lots are appealing to your customer, giving them a sense of quality.

Lack of maintenance of the parking lot may lead to costly repair costs in the future. Industry studies show that maintaining a parking lot (seal coat/striping) may save you upto 50% as to repair unprotected asphalt.

Tennis/Basketball Court Resurfacing

A bright, clean, maintained tennis or basketball court attracts greater usage.  Players will enjoy playing more on a court that is in good shape, making your court a better investment.  FMK Construction uses a 6 step process to resurface a typical outdoor court.  We also use 100% acrylic formulations to produce a premium quality result.  We also resurface Bocce courts, inline skate and roller hockey surfaces, and multipurpose courts and recreational areas.


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